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"I can divide my writing life into two distinct time periods: before I met Jill Welsh and after. 'Before' produced near zero responses from agents and publishers. 'After' reinvented my manuscript into something fresh, fun, viable, and ultimately salable.  Her work ethic is unparalleled, and her comments throughout the editorial process were spot on. Bottom line: She understood me as well as she understood my book. Jill turned my manuscript into something I never thought possible: a really good read. Yes, much of life is about who you know, luck, etc., but if you're lucky enough to work with Jill, your odds of success will greatly improve. She's just that damn good!"

― Duane Cerny

Update: Duane's book Selling Dead People's Things earned inclusion in Advocate's Best LGBTQ Memoirs of 2019.

"As a first-time author, Jill was instrumental in not only addressing the mechanics of my writing, but also the essence of what I was trying to convey, and as such, made me more confident in my abilities. She has a light, easygoing demeanor, but was also not afraid to 'tell it like it is,' which I both appreciated and needed. In short, Jill added value to my work, and without question, she and I will work together on future projects."

― Gregg Voss

"I don't envy the job of a developmental editor. It's a job that requires a wide range of skills and a good amount of patience. I feel very fortunate to have found Jill when I did as I was trying to finish my first novel, The Patriarch Rising. Jill is an excellent editor; she pushed me to tighten up the story, making it more mass marketable. She is tremendously skilled at what she does, and anyone trying to improve upon a story would be lucky to hire Jill. She will have a repeat customer in me when the sequel is ready."  

― Aaron Malavolti

"It's hard to describe how important the coaching, developmental editing, and solid advice Jill gave me  was as I navigated the complicated process of getting my book published. As a first-time author I was clueless about the many nuances that were needed to make my book come to life, and Jill's input was amazing. I always believed that I had plenty of good stories to make an interesting book, but Jill helped me turn what was basically a journal into a great book that is selling really well in bookstores across the country! I would highly recommend Jill; she really is that good and a joy to work with. Thanks, Jill, for your professionalism and spot-on coaching advice. I look forward to working with you on my next book."

―Pat McCarthy

"I enjoyed working with Jill. She’s friendly, fast, efficient and thorough. I was stuck when working on my book, knowing it was okay but not great. With Jill’s guidance I was able to improve it dramatically, making it more interesting and humorous. She told me about some weaknesses in the plot, which I was easily able to fix. She also pointed out the numerous places where I should insert dialogue to 'show rather than tell' the story. What’s more, Jill advised me to cut unnecessary verbiage that was slowing down the novel. She even cleaned up my bad writing habits. Working with Jill as my editor has made me a better writer."

―Jim Tilberry

"I am grateful for Jill’s expert eyes on my manuscript. She is one of the hardest working people I have ever come across. I love her dynamic energy, which is how she was able to motivate, inspire, and push me to be the best I could be. I truly credit Jill for bringing my manuscript to a whole new level."

―Caralyn Kempner

"Jill Welsh is an excellent writing coach and editor. She keeps me motivated and focused. Her suggestions always help clarify and her attention to detail is amazing. Jill is a great resource. In her role as my writing coach she helps me to stay on track and remain focused. As an editor she makes great suggestions that don't overpower or change my own writing. It is nice having Jill in my corner, and her suggestions always make my writing better."

― Andrew Hicks

"Jill was incredible throughout the entire process of editing, and I can’t imagine a better editor. She really helped me bring my book alive!"

―Brigette Gallagher

"Jill is a total rock star as an editor. Her style of guidance is finely balanced: she takes the role of the vigorous reader, thereby helping me interact more clearly and concisely, while still being wholly the author. Her fingerprints are everywhere and nowhere on my manuscripts. The extensive time and effort she puts into the process gives me the feeling that she takes me seriously as a writer and that I get great value for my money."

― Mitch Robinson


"Readers usually give me the feedback that my book is very 'readable.' This is due, in no small part, to the efforts of my editor Jill Welsh. Jill not only kept me focused, but also took my first drafts out of their morass, while providing the strict guidance that I needed. I always felt that I had the benefit of a great combination of a teacher, team member, and supporter." 

― Judge Bob Moss

"Jill has a lot of respect and compassion and sensitivity for what an author feels and a deep passion for what we do with integrity. That has been the most refreshing experience ever, feeling like someone truly understood and was really into my project."

― Jose Echevarria

"My book is as good as it is due, in large part, to Jill’s expertise in developmental editing. She is one of the BEST developmental editors in the biz."

―Laura Dion-Jones


"We appreciate your collaboration on our project, Jill. This experience has been a positive one and has helped us grow as writers. We are very pleased with your corrections and suggestions; you put on paper what we couldn’t always put our fingers on in our thoughts and discussions. Many thanks again."

―Edgar and Edmund Gaisie


"Thank you for your attention to detail and the instruction given throughout the editing process. It not only helped my book, but it helped me as a writer. Thank you! I look forward to working with you on the second book in the King's Challenge series." 

―Lucas Zahn


"I am totally amazed, no shocked, at how well the story now flows. OUTSTANDING. It is obvious Jill did a ton of research to further enhance the realism. I get emotional from just reading it again."

―John Witzel


Books by Title


22:10 (a serialized thriller) by Mitch Robinson

All in the Game by Gary Meredith

Bread & Circuses by Joseph A. Rulli

By the Book by Sadie Pfannkuche

Cut and Run by Annabelle Lewis

Gold Coast by Edgar Gaisie & Edmund Gaisie

House of Goren by Jennifer Lee

How'd It Go? A Bird's-Eye View of Mortality by Michael Weinstock

In a Grain of Sand  (revision) by Douglas Ratner, MD

In the Land of Giants by Justin Steinman

Invisible Threads by Michael Hyslip

Lost Light by J.M. Halis

Maxzyne and the Old Horse Theatre by Caroline Lee

Maxzyne Goes Aquamarine by Caroline Lee

Maxzyne Meets the Mannequins by Caroline Lee

Mr. Hyde: Book 6 of the Carrows Family Chronicles by Annabelle Lewis

Our Cats Are Plotting to Kill Us by Jim Tilberry

Rua: Unmasking the Early Life and Destiny of Ruth by A.J. Chryskarsten

Saving Tres Rios by John Witzel

Sentinel 10 by Daniela Volochniouk

Tethered Through Time by Brigette Gallagher

The Adventures of Stilton and Kiri-Mousse by Saeko Goto Thompson

The Copyist by Ann Feldman

The Crusaders, Book One: Piercing the Veil by Nicole Taylor

The Killing Trial by Drake R. Todd

The King's Challenge: A Call to Battle by Lucas Zahn

The King's Challenge: A Quest for Eternal Life by Lucas Zahn

The Patriarch Rising by Aaron Malavolti

The Sacred Grove by Stuart Gardiner

The Valley of American Shadow by Gregg Voss

The Whistle Stop Canteen by Barb Warner Deane

Trepidation by Kaytlin Error

Trump Dog: A Wild Tale of Lies, Hair Dye, etc. by Jim Tilberry

Waking the Lion by Matthew Mihalovits

Apples in the Classroom by Michael de Leon

Call to Virtue by Kim Mayyasi

Chicago Street Cop by Pat McCarthy

Commit to Get Fit by Laura Dion-Jones

Cybersecurity Is Everyone's Business by Scott Schober

Finding Success in Balance: My Journey to the Cheerful Mind by Apryl Schlueter

Gamer to CEO by Andrew Hicks

Hacked Again! by Scott Schober

It's Not About the Clothes; Secrets of the Red Carpet by Luke Reichle

LegIT by Siva Raju

Major Failings of the American Health Care System by N. Thomas Connally, MD

Mommy’s Happy Hour by Heba Shunbo

My Life Under the Trees: Story of a Lost Boy from South Sudan by Abraham Mangar

No More Us: Navigating a Divorce or Separation You Didn't Want by Kristin Little

Nutrient-Based Psychiatry by Emanuel Frank, MD

Operation: College by Matt Nestor

Our Cats Are Plotting to Kill Us by Jim Tillberry

Quiet Leadership by Steve McShane

Refurbished Books®: a collection by Reet Tine

Saying Goodnight to a Tarnished Knight by Melody Norman-Camp

Selling Dead People's Things by Duane Cerny

Senior Cyber by Scott Schober

The Ashley Chronicles by Teresa Lopez-Honour

The Dating Highway by Brian Guyton

The Power of Ten by Rugger Burke

The Real Dance Fever, Book One: The Beginning by Jose Echevarria

The Real Dance Fever, Book Two: The Journey by Jose Echevarria

The Wealth from Health Playbook by Douglas Ratner, MD and Susan Walsh, MD

Thirty-Something Millionaire by Cory Roberts

Top-to-Bottom Home Organizing by Caralyn Kempner

Vibes from the Screen by Bob Moss

Vintage Confidential by Duane Scott Cerny

When Eagles Launch by William Keator


Textbooks include: Marketing Dynamics, Entrepreneurship, Preparing for Life

and Career, and Fashion!.

Dissertations and articles also edited.

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JWelsh Editorial and Writing Coaching /  ©2024  Jill Welsh 

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